Korsika   Workshop  2024

27.-31. of May   on  the  "island  of  beauty !"

In the morning, in the shade of the eucalyptus trees, or under the old pine tree at the beach, we open our musical listening together. Step by step we discover our map of inner music.

The workshop accompanies you in the discovery your own authentic music.
With your willingness to engage in this path, many new perspectives on yourself will open up.


The unbiased, integral listening is like a big, wide space. It allows you to perceive and understand your body & your idea, your hearing & your will impulses simultaneously.  Your inner parts come into resonance. This resonance is immediately to hear.
The music that emerges is your authentic music.

  • Musical listening & body awareness
  • Different improvisation frameworks
  • Discovery of one's own authentic music
  • From improvisation to the piece
  • Coordination of movement, breathing & focus
  • Your wishes

    Inspirations & resonance

    The impulses set in the workshop in the morning in 3 H find enough time for reflection & integration:
    A recharge in the fragrant Mediterranean landscape, at one of the many sand- beaches or while discovering the spectacular mountains and rivers you can experience alone or also with others in exchange together.
  • Handpans for rent:
    For the workshop and also during the time of 22.05. till 8.06.2024 there are rental instruments with different scales available, so that you have enough time to get involved with the sound of the handpan
    all by yourself.
    This is ideal for people who want to get a feeling for
    whether the handpan is an instrument for them.
    Please pre-order instruments from me!
  • Accommodation
    My partner Svantje Buchholz and I have fallen in love with this area, the Balagne. We are already staying for the fourth time in one of the chalets on the terrain of "Cala die Sole" in the fishing village of Algajola. Olivier rents many small cottages here. The place is very relaxed and free-spirited. The wide sandy beach and the small village can be reached on foot in 3 minutes :)

    You can rent here or - like participants last year, there are plenty of apartments, campsites, etc. all around.


Everything at a glance


5 days workshop à 3 h daily, 27.05.-3105.2024

"Cala die Sole", Algajola 550€ / person

Registration possible until 1.05. Please reserve your place as we have a limited number of participants.

Rental instruments by reservation 10€ / day.


coachings 22.05.- 8.06.2024

For individuals, couples or families!

  • Get to know Handpan or continue to work on your own pieces.
  • Individual Master Class all levels
  • Musician Coaching for all instruments & voice (authenticity, repertoire, improvisation, stage fright, performance techniques...)
  • Handpan as an effective tool in therapy, consciousness work and personal development
  • Handpan & voice in meditation & trance journeys, sound healing
  • Ideal also for couples or whole families to discover a non-verbal communication. And to listen to their very own music.

In this coaching I accompany you on your very individual path to your own sound of your inner music as your authentic language: For you privately, as well as in your professional field of performance, education, therapy & coaching.
We use elements from: Sound therapy, Gestalttherapy, resonance & polarity, breath- & body-work.
Please feel free to call me for more inspiration & information.


the surrunding

further questions?  please don' t hesitate to call me: 0049 160 4185835

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