Handpan  Workshop  beginners

23.09. 2023   10-16 h   Belgodère, Balagne


  • Body awareness
  • Musical listening attitude
  • Playing techniques
  • Improvisation tecniques
  • Is the handpan an instrument for me?

So  new

Le handpan est toujours "l'instrument le plus récent du monde"!
Son son harmonieux et riche en harmoniques semble très ancien ; et pourtant, nous ne l'avons jamais entendu auparavant !
Et c'est un fait d'une valeur inestimable : son son ne nous rappelle aucune situation de notre mémoire ! Nous n'avons donc pas d'associations, d'images ou d'émotions bonnes ou mauvaises qui pourraient être déclenchées en nous par ce nouveau son.


First contact and beginners up to 2 years of playing experience.

So simple

As simple as the Handpan may seem at first glance, it constantly pushes us in new directions. The Hang is the first instrument to combine all three levels of music in one idiophone: loud percussion, harmony, melody and chords in up to four voices.

Thanks to the diametrical arrangement of the tones, the handpan dissolves all linearity in thought and motor activity.


Beginners  mind

In the encounter with this new instrument, the handpan, it is easy for us to experiment like a beginner. "Listening without prejudice" increases our attention and finesse: we realize that music is only created by our listening attitude. We decide to  hear everything as music.

...we fall - as if by magic - into a very present listening attitude! We are totally in the present moment - totally here!

So there is no comparison or judgment: The polarity of the mind stops: There is no "right/wrong" or "better than". There is only sensible perception.



  • On the large terrasses or in the beautyful and big livingroom
  • 90 € per person,
    max. 8 participants
  • instruments for rent 20 €
  • Saturday, 23.09.  10-16 h. Langages: Français, English & Deutsch.
  • Maison Heliopolis
    Lieu dit Ajola
    20226 Belgodère, Balagne-Corse

Tilo wAchter

is a catchy handpan-player from the very beginning. He has made an international name for himself through his concerts: On four Hangs, he interweaves polyphonic melodies with powerful chants in a style all his own: you think you hear harps and tablas at the same time - shamans and muezzins.